Production line “EASYBEAM” for finger jointed wood

This production line for wooden houses, produced by the world famous company CM MACHINE allows the possibility to remove defects in order to obtain longer dimensional elements, but also shows superior strength and good looks.
The line can process elements with section in maximum 60x250mm, length 3000mm and the final elements are obtained with the same section and maximum length 8000 mm.
It consists of two parts: a semi-automatic milling machine, which joint the ends planks that come together and a hydraulic pressure system of the assembled elements.
The size and shape of the cutter’s teeth depends on the species of the wood that is processed.
The purpose of this line of production is getting long and free of defects elements that can be used to manufacture high resistance glued laminated beams, which are requird for floors, roofs or other elements of a wooden house.