Salvador Superpush 200 Pusher Optimizing Crosscut Saw

Line of “SALVADOR­ woodworking machinery” is intended to provide semi­finished wood by optimal shortening, depending on the size of the timber to be obtained but at the same time considering the elimination of wood defects.
It make cuts with sections from 15x30mm to 120x270mm and lengths from 500mm to 6200mm.
It is equipped with an electronic system composed of a computer connected in real­time to a digital control unit. The machine is a new high technology concept with safety devices and “total optical” system
The “total optical” system consists of a laser photocell who detect the presence of wooden pieces and a special reader of chalk markings.
Being a numerical control machine, allows data to be transferred in machine software.
By complete optimization of cutting process, it is able to increase productivity considerably and improve wood yield.