i. Speed wall system – Hundegger

Speed wall system from Hundegger

Designed by the world renowned manufacturer of automatic lines of woodworking;
The vertical assembly “Speed Wall System” was developed by the company Hundegger to provide an effective solution for manufacturing and to automate the process of assembling the walls of wooden houses;
This line provides simultaneous access to both sides of the wall and allows rapid fitting in vertical position;
It is a robust construction, consisting of a frame with steel pipe rollbar, which allows production of panels with maximum dimensions of 9000 mm long, 3000 mm high and 460 mm in thickness;
It is equipped with two pistols one for nails and one for staples for fixing boards on the front and back of the frame, it adjusts automatically the distance between the nails;
Due to the rapid assembly and manufacturing in vertical position the boards are obtained with accurate dimensions, which allows fitting of wooden houses with maximum efficiency.