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We care about your safety and health

Just like you, we wish for you to feel safe when you first step into the house that you always dreamed of. That’s why, apart from the wood’s reputation of being a durable material that behaves excellently under seismic conditions – an aspect you already know – we also pay extra attention to the other risks that you fear might affect you.

Our solution consists of preventing the consequences of an unfortunate event – be it because of human error or natural elements. This allows you to sleep well, knowing that your lifetime dream is now a reality and under no threat. Read more on the Fire and Earthquake Safety page.

A partner that’s careful with both your and the environment’s needs

We think you will choose us because we want to build with you a home where you will spend at least half of your life. You will be an active part of your home’s materialization process, from the outside to the inside. Together, we will shape the aspect and the soul of your home.

We pay great attention to your needs, our team is constantly evolving, and the respect and passion we have for wood, both as a building material and as a part of our environment make us a reliable partner for turning your dream into reality. We do things with a sense of responsibility because we know that the only way to maintain success is to make every single customer happy and now is your turn. Before deciding, check out the wooden houses we’ve built so far.

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We're on your team.

Apart from a lot of benefits that you can find in detail here, investing in a wooden house means indirectly investing in all the other life aspects that make you happy.

Did you know that, among other things, wood is the best insulation material which also has a structural role? We do, and that’s why we recommend it to you the same way we did for other clients who did not regret trusting us. We’re telling you right from the beginning that we’re not focused on building cheap wooden houses as we always get asked. We want to build your dream home where you will love to live and where you will feel comfortable and safe. However, we don’t ignore the budget aspect and we do our best to keep the final price as accessible as possible.