Building solutions and optimization dimmer

Building solutions and optimization

Beyond the satisfaction of working with a material as versatile as wood, our specialization in working with this material has brought our entire team a very serious set of knowledge about optimization and using it in the most judicious manner. In our projects, we’re determined not to waste anything and not to waste anything and not to harm the ecosystems, even unintentionally. Oftentimes, by trying to reduce material waste to 0, the construction solutions have been creatively enhanced and the remaining material has been transformed in various elements, from sealing elements to decorations and small furniture. You can also count on our knowledge about wood by choosing this option.


Bring your project to us and we can help you reduce material waste and find creative solutions to your project’s wood challenges, from jointing to insulation. Dimmer Team can offer you this option for the following types of buildings and building complexes.

  • Civil Buildings

Individual and collective housing

Office buildings

  • Industrial Buildings

Production Halls

Production units (halls and farms)

  • Commercial buildings