Together we bring a breath of fresh air to the construction industry.

For over 30 years we have been building solid timber frame houses of various energy efficiency configurations, in a short time, to high quality standards and, most importantly, according to the wishes of those who choose to work with us.

Two production facilities, over 100 houses per year

From planning to assembly, we carefully monitor all stages of construction. This ensures that every house is built to the exact design specifications and high quality standard we are committed to meeting every time.

Our mission is to deliver
energy-efficient, eco-friendly, high-quality houses to our partners in Europe.


We deliver and install house kits

We implement any project, no matter how daring

We can build over 100 houses per year in 2 production facilities

European certified

We are internationally recognised as a trusted construction partner

EN14081-1:2005+A1:2011; | SR EN14081-1+A1:2011;

EN 14080:2013; | SR EN14080:2018;


EN14250:2010; | SR EN14250:2010;


DM 17 ianuarie 2018

Production of timber frame houses

Design and planning of load-bearing structures and working drawings

Assembly of timber frame houses

2 ISO-9001 certified production facilities, fully equipped to current industry standards

Project management to ensure production flow, on-time delivery, problem prevention and solving

Planning engineers and installation teams that are certified as Passive House Tradespersons

We deliver impeccable service

We love construction details, we love seeing the smiling faces of customers when the job site is complete, and we love making quality timber homes.

To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves

No splinter of wood used in our buildings goes to waste. We only harvest trees that release more CO2 into the atmosphere than they can store, and we only choose suppliers that respect the rate of forest regeneration.

Hi! I am Nadia and I graduated from the Environmental Science University in Cluj Napoca. I’ve always been interested in everything Ecofriendly related and that is why I feel that I fit perfectly working with Dimmer, since we are building eco friendly houses. I love to interact with people and I love that we share the same values.

I truly consider that only by working together we can change the perception upon wooden timberframe houses.

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