We want to leave the world a better place. And because any change starts with ourselves, we build with care for nature, around your needs.

Our aim is to redefine the way we live and to redirect the course of the house building industry towards a more practical and pragmatic approach that is more friendly to people and the environment, while boasting comfort, style and elegance.

It takes two to create balance:

Starting this year, at Dimmer we plant what we consume! Every year in Romania, we undertake to replant all the seedlings that, once mature, provide us with the quantity of raw material that we used during that year.

A Green Pact with ourselves, the planet, and our suppliers.

The planet’s most precious resources, such as water and wood, are only renewable if we manage them wisely and responsibly, so we do our best to use them respectfully.

We choose our suppliers only after ensuring that raw materials have been harvested in line with European environmental standards and seedlings have been planted to replace the harvested trees.

This is how we make sure that the timber we use to build the house where you work or live has not contributed to destabilising the communities from which we source our raw materials.

Because even the small things matter, we have chosen to constantly monitor and reduce our consumption of water, paper and plastic – both on building sites and in our office.

Hi! I am Nadia and I graduated from the Environmental Science University in Cluj Napoca. I’ve always been interested in everything Ecofriendly related and that is why I feel that I fit perfectly working with Dimmer, since we are building eco friendly houses. I love to interact with people and I love that we share the same values.

I truly consider that only by working together we can change the perception upon wooden timberframe houses.

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