I built a portfolio of houses
dreams come true

Creek House

Built in România – House under construction

Navarre House

Built in România

Ecrins House

Built in Romania

Hallerbos House

Built in Romania

Cers House

Built in Romania

Nordica House

Built in Romania

Levant House

Built in France

Tramontana House

Built in Spain

Sirocco House

Built in France

Trillemarka House

Built in Germany

Poniente House

Built in France

Triglav House

Built in Romania

Boreal House

Built in Romania

Fontainebleau House

Built in France

Le Marin House

Built in Romania

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Everywhere we went, we left behind happy people and pristine nature. We have done countless projects all over Europe.

I’m Martina and I discovered my passion for wooden frame houses at Dimmer. Timber frame houses are the houses of the future and we want people to know their true value.

I consider communication the basis of any human relationship and I always want to hear the story behind the project. Because every project starts with hope and starts from a dream, I can help you make it a reality for your clients.

Let’s make a house become a home for your future happy clients. Together, as a team!

+40 (741) 975 182 | [email protected]

Hi! I am Nadia and I graduated from the Environmental Science University in Cluj Napoca. I’ve always been interested in everything Ecofriendly related and that is why I feel that I fit perfectly working with Dimmer, since we are building eco friendly houses. I love to interact with people and I love that we share the same values.

I truly consider that only by working together we can change the perception upon wooden timberframe houses.

+40 (740) 992 461 | [email protected]