We build timber frame houses. For those who dare ask for more.

Dimmer homes are a breath of fresh air in the construction industry. Literally.

Individual and collective buildings

From dreams to keys – we’re ready to be your reliable team in every step of the project, from your first ideas to the finalized building.

Commercial buildings

Restaurants and guesthouses could always do with the gust of fresh air that wooden buildings offer. Ask us how we can optimize these kinds of buildings.

Technical counseling

Do you have endless lists of ideas and new technologies appeal to you? Perfect! We’re here for you, prepared to give you advice and find the best solutions.

Our mission

To deliver to our clients in Europe high-quality, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly houses.


We are committed to making the world a better place. We do our part by building environmentally-friendly homes that are tailored to our clients’ needs, budget, and expectations.

We believe in the future of wood structure buildings. That’s why we want to redefine and redirect the course of the house- building the industry by eliminating all the fears related to wood.

We believe in our friendly houses and we make sure that, even before they get to us, all the materials are chosen with your future and ours in mind. We love wood and we know that, by using it, we owe it to nature and the communities where we buy it. We believe that safety and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Every day we look for new ideas and techniques to offer you safe, comfortable and energetically efficient houses. We know how you can’t wait to move into your new home.

Our Values


To ourselves and those around us.


To the environment, our clients, and the project. We always keep our word.

Good citizenship

We are givers, not takers. We believe in paying it forward, so we constantly invest in education, both for ourselves and for the community we are part of.


We are a strong and motivated team. We never settle for less and are always open to new learning opportunities. We invest as much in ourselves as in the work we do, to be able to provide high-quality services and deal with any issues our clients might face.


Our expertise in the field and our constant hunger for more and better not only allow us to find solutions to the most difficult issues, but also make it possible for our houses to have a contemporary design, plenty of space, be energy efficient, all while having a low carbon footprint.


In all we do. We strive to offer you a house you will enjoy, without having to constantly worry about its maintenance.

Certified for your benefit

Our company is EC, ISO 9001 and IQ Net certified. This means all our products are in compliance with the European quality standards and parameters. Dimmer is recognized both in Europe and the rest of the world as a trustworthy business partner.

We love constructional details, the happy faces of our clients when the job is done and to make high-quality buildings. Quality is both the basis of European certifications and the premise that we start with when we create every product.

For more information about our certifications and what’s it like to work with us, call


Our Projects

I chose to work with Dimmer when someone recommended them to me and I don’t regret it one bit.

You always get nervous when choosing something for your home, but when you choose the team to build it, the pressure feels even greater. At Dimmer, I found an exceptional team of professionals, prepared for every scenario and patient with all my questions.


Bucharest, Romania