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Technical Counseling

“Do I have the money to build this? Can I build this in Romania? Do I have to apply a special treatment to the soil before I begin building? Can I build on a timber frame? Is my building too tall to be made of wood?

All these and then some are normal questions that all clients ask themselves before contacting a building company. The decision to begin a new project is, maybe, one of the most difficult decisions that one can make. But when it comes to wooden buildings, the decision is more complicated, especially because of the myths that gravitate around wood as a structural material or exterior finish.

Before the building begins you get, usually, an endless amount of information, endless lists of prices and approaches, new technology, ideas coming from the latest holidays and accidental reading magazines and many others. Processing such a large volume of info can be extremely time-consuming, and you can’t be sure that the answers you give yourself after spending hours reading technical specs and watching videos on new technology are the correct ones. Technical consultancy saves time and money while offering answers and valid solutions that you can immediately apply to your project.


Dimmer can offer this service for the following types of buildings:

  • Civil Buildings

Individual Houses

  • Industrial Buildings

Production Halls

  • Commercial Buildings