To demand less of our planet, we demand more of ourselves.

No splinter from the wood that we use in our buildings is lost. We only exploit the trees that let out more CO2 into the atmosphere than they can hold in and we choose only suppliers that respect the woods’ rhythm of regeneration.

We challenge ourselves to answer every day with a very decisive YES to the question “could we…?” if the result means a bit more protection for nature. This is our Green Pact.

Can we use all the wood from a Dimmer construction without wasting anything?

Yes, even the leftovers. We don’t let anything get thrown away. From the leftovers resulting from manufacturing to the elements from old buildings, everything is used to create other wooden products or to produce energy through burning – the same way other, more damaging fuels would do.

Thanks to these benefits, inventions that are more and more significant have been noticed when it comes to using wood for schools, offices, and hospitals.

Can we contribute to maintaining our environment’s good quality by exploiting the woods?

It may seem surprising, but we can and we do. Compared to concrete, steel or brick, wood is made in the most nature=friendly factory: the forest. When they grow, trees use solar energy. Ulterior manufacturing requires only little extra-energy. When they grow, the trees stock CO2, but when they reach adulthood and then die, that amount of CO2 is eliminated back into the atmosphere. A tree that got to adulthood and turned into a house will keep the same amount of CO2, which means the emissions are reduced by a significant amount. Moreover, wood is the only building material that perpetually regenerates.

Small things matter

The way we choose our suppliers or we elaborate production steps so that we don’t lose any material makes us proud of our team but is not enough for us to sustain our green pact. That’s why we take care of the small things too – how much water we use on the work field, how much paper we use at the office, how many plastic bottles or wraps each project generates and where do we recycle them.

GreenPact with us, our planet and our suppliers

The most precious resources of the planet, such as water and wood are regenerable only if we handle them correctly and responsibly, so we do all we can to treat them with respect. We like to know that the exploitation of the wood we use in the building that you live or work did not contribute to the destabilization of the communities where it comes from  and based on this principle we choose our suppliers making sure that the raw material has been collected in accordance to the European norms for environment protection and that other trees have been planted instead of the ones exploited.